HE4DS Mobility PRO



Complete Online-Course to level-up your Mobility from home. 


  • easy tests to assess your state-of-mobility all by yourself
  • various exercises for each specific mobility-shortcoming you have
  • comprehensive knowledge on how to achieve the best, long-lasting results
  • detailed guidance to help you build your own mobility plan



HE4DS Mobility PRO

LEVEL-UP your Mobility with the TRUE techniques for Dancers & Movers!

Based on scientific research & proven in praxis.

In this course:

  • you will learn how to precisely assess your mobility
  • with tests specifically crafted for dancers & movers
  • that are easily applicable by yourself at home

ON TOP you’ll get

  • extremely effective exercises for ANY mobility shortcoming you might discover
  • detailed guidance on how to create your own Mobility training plan
  • crucial training guidelines & helpful tipps to level-up your Mobility

Whats Mobility?

…the ability to perform movements and hold postures within the highest possible range of motion.

Why do you need it?


  • multiplies your movement vocabulary
  • speeds up the motor learning of your body (you learn moves faster & better)
  • your form & flow improves tremendously

LOG-IN info:

After completing the checkout, you can reach the course here (you need to be logged in to view the contents):

HE4DS Mobility PRO


1 review for HE4DS Mobility PRO

  1. Sophie

    Great! Like the way it’s structures and it really helped me kick off my journey.

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