HE4DS Mental Training



Complete Online-Course to step-up your mind game from home. 


  • analysis of your current state-of-mind
  • various mental training exercises for battle, show & training
  • comprehensive knowledge on how to achieve the best, long-lasting results
  • detailed guidance to help you build your own mental training plan


HE4DS Mental Training

LEVEL-UP your Mental Game with the TRUE techniques for Dancers & Movers!

Based on scientific research & proven in praxis.

In this course:

  • you will learn how to precisely assess your mental state
  • learn highly effective techniques to improve your problem solving, move learning & battle performance

ON TOP you’ll get

  • extremely effective exercises to train your mind on a daily basis
  • detailed guidance on how to create your own Mental training plan
  • crucial training guidelines & helpful tipps to boost your state of mind for (competitive) dance

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