Meet the HE4DS

The heart of a dancer meets the mind of a healthcare-and-performance expert. Meet the HE4DS Team and learn what makes them best for being your coaches.

Meet the he4ds

Meet the HE4DS Team and learn what makes them best for being your coaches.

HE4D of Management // CEO

Meet Sophie.


Sophie is a physical therapist at mind, but a dancer at heart. Her special expertises include dance & sports medicine, fascia & trigger point therapy, myofascial osteopathy and stress competence training.

HE4D of Education

Meet Jens.

Curious soul

To Jens, lifelong learning is a life philosophy. As a physiotherapist, naturopath & bboy, he constantly immerses himself into new topics and possesses a unique talent for simplifying complicate topics, making them accessible to all.

HE4DS Pro-Athlete

Meet Chau.

Performance expert

Leveraging his extensive background in physical therapy and a competitive spirit, Chau consistently strives to elevate his clients’ dance performance to a professional level.

Female Dancer Expert

Meet Amara.

Womens' pathology
Menstrual education
Hip Hop Freestyle

“I am passionate about helping people to understand how their body works and to reflect on what they know or don’t know about it. That is why I have created different educational workshops such as ‘Menstrual education workshop’, ‘The shock absorbing role of the pelvis in dance’ or ‘Know your pelvic floor’. “

Medical Doctor

Meet André.

Medical knowledge
First aid

With a unique blend of medical expertise and a deep understanding of dance, André specializes in diagnosing, treating, and preventing dance-related injuries. His holistic approach ensures that dancers recover from injuries & enhance their performance and longevity in their careers.