The 4 elements of HE4DS

Your Body Structure

The essence of anatomy and physiological movement, specially curated for dancers. Explore dance-related movement analysis, functional exercises, integrative stretching, and self-treatment techniques. All exercises are intricately linked to dance movements, providing a seamless integration into your dance training regimen. Elevate your performance with our focused approach to body structure.

Functional AnatomySelf-Treatment

Your Body Chemistry

Unravel the intricate world of biochemical and metabolic processes within your body. Gain a deeper understanding of these processes to influence them positively for your dance. Our focus spans the essentials of nutrition and the vegetative nervous system.


Your Mind

The psychology behind your performance. Whether it's motivation, learning, performance pressure, or stage fright, our focus is on your mental well-being & performance.

Embark on a journey of mental training and breathwork techniques, rooted in sports psychology and insights from diverse disciplines such as diving. These practices enhance stress competence in typical dance scenarios, fostering a relaxed focus.

BreathworkMental Training

Your Soul

Our essence is the LOVE for dance. Recognizing that empowerment and psychological well-being play pivotal roles in dancing, we focus on teaching non-verbal communication and non-violent conflict resolution skills through dance. Immerse yourself in our methodology and didactics, exploring freestyle dance as a powerful form of communication. Delve into dance terminology and the fascinating world of dance science.

Dance terminologyDance science


The HE4DS method is proven in practice and applies the dance scientific insights of our clinical research with dancers. We have been doing research in dance since 2014. Our science focuses especially in the dance style Breaking. Find the latest scientific papers below.

2021: Evaluation of a standardized screening test battery

Analysis of the mental and physical prerequisites for pro breakers

Read the abstract

2021: Injury profiles of B-Girls from South America

Prevalence and associated factors

Read the abstract

2018: Self-Myofascial Vibro-Shearing

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Biomechanical and Related Changes in Male Breakdancers

Read full paper

Research partners

Dr. Claudia Steinberg

Prof. Dr. Nadja Schott

Christopher-Marc Gordon

Sebastián Morales-Castillo

From dancers for dancers ·

  • Endurance

  • Strength

  • Speed

  • Mobility

  • Recovery

  • Cognitive Abilities & Skills

  • Personality & Confidence

  • Stress Resistance & Activity Level

  • Communication

  • Motivation

  • Goals

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