Even the world’s best face stress and pressure, and Jilou, a top-tier b-girl, is no exception. As she prepared for the BC One world final, the immense pressure of the competition took a toll on her mental state. Here’s how HE4DS helped Jilou master her mental game and emerge victorious.

The Challenge

Participating in the b-girling world final, Jilou felt an overwhelming sense of pressure. The high-stakes environment triggered a heightened sympathetic nervous system response, leading to increased cortisol levels – the stress hormone. As a result, Jilou felt exhausted, imbalanced, and stressed, threatening her performance on the grand stage.

Diagnosis and Analysis

HE4DS coaches conducted a thorough analysis of Jilou’s mental state and identified key stress factors affecting her. The diagnosis revealed high cortisol levels, indicating significant stress that needed immediate attention to prevent burnout and enhance her performance.

The Treatment Plan

To help Jilou regain control and balance, HE4DS implemented a multi-faceted treatment plan focusing on mental training and movement conditioning. The approach included:

  • Mental Training: Techniques to manage stress and improve mental resilience.
  • Positive Association Transformation: Reframing stress triggers into positive experiences.
  • Mantra Creation: Developing a personal mantra to reinforce focus and calm during the competition.

The Results

The results were immediate and profound. Jilou experienced an instant improvement in her mood state, gaining the ability to control her stress reactions and emotional imbalances. Her newfound stress resilience empowered her to perform at her best, even under the intense pressure of the world final.


Jilou’s success story with HE4DS is a powerful reminder that mental training is as crucial as physical conditioning. By mastering her mental game, Jilou not only improved her performance but also transformed her approach to high-pressure situations. Her journey underscores the importance of holistic preparation for achieving peak performance in any competitive field.

Jilou’s journey with HE4DS showcases the remarkable impact of targeted mental training and resilience-building. Her story is an inspiration for all athletes facing the pressures of high-stakes competition, demonstrating that with the right support, mastering the mental game is within reach.