HE4DS Health Coaching

HE4DS Health Coaching

Perfect for anyone with pain, injuries, imbalances and all things that inhibit your flow. The HE4DS Health Coaching focuses on your individual needs. Our online service is focused on your problems so you can get back on the dance floor and dance for a lifetime.

  • Complete analysis of your individual body condition
  • training exercises, self-treatment advice and health recommendations

60 min LIVE COACHING. Choose date and time for your first coaching (48h in advance). If multiple coachings are booked, the remaining dates will be scheduled separately. Time is displayed in CET format.

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What’s in for me?

Self-treatment methods

Full body screening

Holistic stretching

for muscles, fascias and nerves

Individual training plan

Holistic nutrition concepts

Dance healthy

Injury prevention, rehabilitation and first aid advice

1. Check-in

You will receive a dance-specific questionnaire that you have to fill out and send us back minimum 24 hours before your appointment. This helps us gather as much information as necessary to analyse your problems and cover your needs.

2. Coaching

We schedule an Online Meeting within our Coaching Space, where we will go through your questionnaire, answer all your questions and provide you with individually adapted exercises for your daily practice as well as self-treatment techniques.

3. Follow up

In the Coaching Space, we will send you the recorded version of your session. Subsequently, you will be able to continue with your training plan and self-therapy.

Why does it work?

The HE4DS Method was developed through the fusion of years of dance experience, physiotherapeutic know-how and scientific expertise in dance medicine.

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Still unsure? Talk to us!

Feel free to contact us by mail: coaching@he4ds.com or give us a call at 0176 999999999.

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