Sophie M. Lindner

CEO, Management, UDH Chief Instructor, Professional Dancer

education: Sports Physiotherapist BSc MA, IFT therapist

Hello. This is my story.

Sophie Manuela Lindner studied sports physiotherapy (BSc MA) and is a professional dancer. She works as a physiotherapist at the Haid Gesundheitswerkstatt in Stuttgart, a clinic focusing on dancers, and is a scientific assistant at the CIT Research Institute in the research area of dance and self-therapy. Through additional training in myofascial osteopathy and dance medicine, Sophie specialized in dancers. She regularly gives health workshops and health check-ups at international dance events and supports professional dancers in their careers. In 2012 Sophie founded Urban Dance Health to sustainably promote dance medicine.

Since 1999 Sophie has been dancing ballet, jazz and contemporary, since 2002 various urban dance styles with the focus on Breaking. With her dance groups Skill Sisters from Stuttgart and M.O.T. Crew from Salzburg she takes part in numerous battles and is successful on the international stage.

My education

MA of Sports Physiotherapy

University Gimbernat, Barcelona

BSc in Physiotherapy

Fachhochschule Salzburg, Salzburg

My expirience

PT specializing in Dancers

Haid Gesundheitswerkstatt, Stuttgart

Scientific Assistant

CIT Research Institute, Stuttgart