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Choose date and time for your first coaching (48h in advance). If multiple coachings are booked, the remaining dates will be scheduled separately.

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+ Dance specific questionnaire
+ Dance-medical screening
+ Video recordings from all exercises


Perfect for everyone with pain, injuries and anything that inhibits your flow.

The HE4DS Health Coaching focuses on your individual needs. Our online service is focused on your problems so you can get back on the dance floor and dance for a lifetime.

In the HE4DS Medical Coaching we apply the HE4DS Method, an integrative training, therapy and lifestyle method for the longevity of dancers.

Read more about the HE4DS Method.

10 reviews for HE4DS Health Coaching

  1. Sophie

    They accompanied my rehab after 2 slipped discs and now I went from a 10/10 on the pain scale down to zero – thank you so much!!!

  2. David

    i finally felt heard with my issues and that’s what counts for me. they understand dancers need like no-one else…so grateful i have found you guys 🙏

  3. Kathi

    I am grateful for all the tips and that they addressed my body as a whole and took my injury seriously. I felt no one can help me until I found the medical coaching. It’s worth the money

  4. Laura (verified owner)

    Despite “only” having an online coaching, Chau found the cause for my knee pain and gave me excellent instructions for exercises. No doctor would have helped better. These experts come directly from dance-heaven 🙂

  5. Pia Selders aka BGirl Meow

    Sophie helped me out of a very bad situation, mentally and physically. The direct and very personal supervision was better than anything I had ever experienced with other physiotherapists before. They were extremely thorough, cared about any small detail that concerned me and presented a perfect combination of sharing their professional knowledge and emotional support. They adapted all their knowledge specifically onto my concerns and gave me all the tools they use for continuing on my own after the sessions we already had. 100% recomendable!!!

  6. Wolfgang Lindner

    So GREAT

  7. Irene Lindner

    Thanks Sophie, it was very helpful.

  8. Karla bgirl Kepsa

    Hola soy bgirl Kepsa, quiero recomendar ampliamente este coaching. Tuve la fortuna tomarlo después de una operación de reconstrucción en mi mano, todos los ejercicios y recomendaciones de Sophiela me ayudaron a volver a utilizar mi mano como solía hacerlo antes del accidente. El tipo de lesión que tuve fue muy delicada, con riesgo de perder movilidad, por lo que el volver a bailar y entrenar a nivel competitivo me llena de emoción y alegría!!! Actualmente llevo 13 años bailando y representando Mexico alrededor del mundo, y gracias a este programa podré seguir mi carrera dentro del breaking 💖.

  9. BGirl Sandie

    Had to struggle with very bad shoulder pain caused from work and reverse practice.
    After an online coaching session with Sophie I learned a lot of useful exercises and tips to prepare my body the right way and the pain went from 9/10 down to zero within two days!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  10. jazzyjes

    I will do it again! After a personal treatment with Chau-lin he could help me to reduce the pain in my back quickly. The exercise he gave me worked and I could get back to practice. No one else ever would try to find the reason so detailed like he did. Im impressed! Big Up to the HE4DS Team for their amazing job! This is what we need!

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