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A Dancer’s Mind: Mental Training & Flow State

You enter a competition. You are super nervous in advance. You train like crazy. You hope you get a nice beat. You hope you don't get one of the strong dancers in the pre. You hope you don't slip this time in your windmill, as you did in the last battle. You hope that that one [...]

HE4DS @ Red Bull DANCE YOUR STYLE Germany – part 1

We only had 10 minutes! TEN short minutes to check him, treat him and decide if he can go on and what exactly he can do and can’t do. That’s an incredibly tough decision. September 14, Berlin. The atmosphere is tense. You can almost physically feel the pressure on your very own shoulders, although it only [...]

Out of breath during dance competitons? Try this:

Endurance training for breakers is no easy task. As many methods as there are, the harder it is to decide which one is the most suitable for you and your dancing goals. Is it the classic "go-for-a-run", and, if yes, there are so many more variables to consider: the duration, the intensity, pace, intervals and the [...]